Fishing on Bute

It might surprise you to discover that fishing is one of the most popular reasons for people visiting the Isle of Bute. The island boasts around six lochs that are perfect for all types of fisherman, from beginner to experienced, as well as many spots for sea fishing.

Fishermen and anglers will tell you that Bute is a hidden gem. Tranquil waters, stunning scenery and frequently good conditions bring anglers back to the isle time and again.

Where to fish on Bute

Loch Fad, Isle of Bute

Loch Fad and Loch Quien offer great angling opportunities for rainbow and brown trout, as well as pike. Indeed, Loch Fad, a short drive south-west of Rothesay, is a Scottish Natural Heritage site and reveals an amazing diversity of bird life and vegetation, as well as fish.

Chatting to fishermen on Loch Fad they tell you of plentiful fish, In fact, the loch is stocked several times each week with reared fish. The loch has shallower ends so fly-fishing is a great activity whether you’re a beginner or a keen angler. Bait and spinning are allowed on the loch from the bank at the north end. It’s also possible to take a boat out on to the large loch, where you can fish with a fly only.

There are is a range of useful facilities at Loch Fad including rod hire, a picnic area, an angler’s shelter, toilets, partial disabled access. You can even take a lesson from a ghillie.

To find out more visit the Loch Fad website or watch this video, A day of fishing on Loch Fad. Loch Fab fisheries have a Facebook page, too.

For more of a challenge

Loch Quien is another easily accessible place to fish, although anglers will tell you (with a huge smile) that the fishing here is more challenging. Strictly fly only, most anglers choose to take out one of the four boats on to the loch.  Wading in the shallow waters is also a another possibility. The difficulities arise because the fish are apparently  ”easily spooked” so fishing early morning or later in the day offer better potential.

Other lochs to fish on Bute

The Isle of Bute Angling Association is the place to find out about fishing on other lochs on the island. They have the rights for Loch Ascog, Greenan Loch and the Dhu Lochs. Ascog and the Dhus are great for fishing pike, perch and roach, Greenan Loch has common, mirror and crucian carp, as well as roach, tench and bream.

Sea angling in and around the Isle of Bute

There are a number of shore spots for sea angling, and you could also charter a boat. See here for  Bute sea angling boats links. Catches might include pollack, saithe, dogfish and perhaps even congers. Mackerel arrive in the summer and provide great sport on light spinning tackle or fly rods. Mackerel is also good as bait for some of the larger predatory species, as is squid.

More tips about Bute fishing

Head to the Bute Angling shop in the front in Rothesay. It’s at 9 Albert Place and on tel: 01700 503670. Ask nicely and we’re sure the owner will tell you all you need to know!